I was born in Tokyo, Japan.
After graduating from elementary school of Japan, I moved to Seoul, South Korea, and started study of painting. After that, I studied abroad in the United States, and majored in Fine Arts at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania I studied not only painting, but aloso sculpture, printmaking, and design. I held solo and group exhibitions in Japan, South Korea, and the US.


2023/03 「春と桜展」LOTUS Gallery

2022/12 「28th 透明な刻・スクエア25展」ギャルリー・ソレイユ

2022/11「小さな世界展ーCDケースを使ってー」Art Gallery山手

2022/08 「滝と光展」LOTUS Gallery

2022/07 「第15回横浜山手の坂道と風景展 Part1」Art Gallery山手

Recent Exhibitions

2023/03 Spring and CherryBlossoms Exhibition LOTUS Gallery

2022/12 28th Square25 Exhibition Galerier Soleil

2022/11 Small World Exhibition -Using CDcases- Art Gallery Yamate

2022/08 Waterfall and Light Exhibition LOTUS Gallery

2022/07 15th Yokohama Yamate Hill Road and Landscape Exhibition Part1 Art Gallery Yamate

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